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So do you want to make a lot of money. So this the way that I would structure the entire income stream.
So the way to create multiple income streams is this, First I want you to create your own products. When you create your own products it helps you gain authority in the market place. I am also selling the product of mine as video courses, and it also helps me establish authority as I can say, Hi!! I am Vardan Sahu and I am the creator of this business blueprint, so it’s like authoring a book. And you position yourself as a thought leader in a market place, where you are able to give a break thru, you are able to give valuable concepts to your potential audience, even before they come to your Paid world. So, your own products, actually help you gain authority.Secondly, when you add Affiliate Marketing into the mix, for example you are helping women to lose weight through yoga, you can actually become an affiliate of amazon, flipkart or snapdeal products like yoga mat, yoga gears, yoga pants which is in alignment with your topic and you start to make other income streams which can be a recurring cash flow coming to you.
For example, some promote different tools like domains, hosting, getresponse, clickfunnels, convertkit and they have different income streams, where they make money by promoting other people products in terms of tools and courses. Affiliate income gives you a good cash flow in your business. `The third income flow is 121 coaching where you can get maximum profits within a few people and you can create an impact on people. So, when you combine all of these, your own product, affiliate products & 121 coaching, you can build a money machine in the next 90 days.Hope it helps and comment us the review, ask question if any and kindly suggest the next blog topic related to online money making.

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