How to get clear on my Niche?

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So First let me make you understand that having a niche is very important because if you try to cater to everything You’ll not be able to crack anything .So
Niche choosing is important as it targets
A very specific kind of customer; there is enhanced customer relationships, reduced competition and also increased Visibility. And also there is honed Expertise because you’re focusing on one topic. So, I am going to give you step by step process to help you get very clear on your niche and below there is
A downloadable PDF, you can download the PDF and go through the steps so that you can get very narrow and get clear on your niche. So this is going to be a workbook format, I want you to complete this exercise and only then go to the next step otherwise it’ll not make sense. So the first step is you need to narrow down on your niche.
The first is choose only one from which topic do you have an expertise and you want to help people.
Steps to pick up your niche:

  • Think about your interests and passions.
    It would be better if you will select a niche according to your interest as you will be more enthusiast while working on it.
  • Solve problems for your audience.
    But at the same time it should be a problem solving niche or else people will find it useless. Your niche should solve a problem of the society, for example, if you love singing, you can teach people how to sing, it’s all about your expertise.
  • Carry out competitor analysis.
    Check it out who else are there in the same niche and try to boost your performance by observing them how they have established themselves in that field.
  • Do keyword research.
    Find out the keywords on which your niche could be searched. Find out good topics to write on your blogs related to your niche.
  • Access your niche.
    Now start working on your niche and promote your business.
  • Find your unique selling point.
    Find a unique selling point of yours, means list the features and benefits that are unique about your product or service.
    Identify aspects of your product that your competitor cannot imitate.
    Decide what emotional need is being fulfilled by your product/ services.
  • Test your idea.
    Now this the time for you to test your idea i.e. promote and see how progressive is your decision.

Hope it helped you and now you’ll follow the steps to decide your niche.

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